Chris Coull Big Band

Led by Chris Coull, an arranger and jazz composer based in Hove, East Sussex. His big band is a suavely arranged combination that brings all the sounds of a large scale big band into a compact 8 piece jazz ensemble. The band play a wide variety of big band classics such as “Lady Is A Tramp” “Let There Be Love” “In The Mood” to name just a few. With over 150 arrangements their repertoire is suitable for everything from dancing, to background dinner sets and everything in between.

Chris is a trumpeter and pianist as well as being a band leader for 15 years. The importance of professionalism, timeliness, dress codes and flexibility are as important to him as musically adept bandsmanship that can just as easily enthrall and excite as it can blend into the backdrop of any high society function.

During his career The Chris Coull Big Band have played for Bill Clinton, Prince Charles, Lord Mandleson, Crowne Prince Haakon, to name a few of the band’s more well-known clients. They have toured all over the world including events as far afield as Qatar, Dubai, Kuwait, Thailand and individually their members are regulars at UK summer venues such as “Appleby Jazz” and “Love Supreme Jazz Festival”