Amuse Manouche


JUST ANNOUNCED: Amuse Manouche will be performing at Shrewsbury Django Fest 2024

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About us
Amuse Manouche are a Brighton-based gypsy swing band influenced by jazz legends like Django Reinhardt and Ella Fitzgerald. Their scintillating hot club sound blends lightning-fast guitar riffs, pulsating rhythms, enchanting vocals, and a deep love for the 1920s and 30s songbooks. United by their passion for gypsy jazz, the band members boast collaborations with renowned artists such as Lulu Reinhardt, Sebastien Giniaux, and Remi Harris. Amuse Manouche has graced stages at prestigious festivals, including Love Supreme, Brighton Fringe, and Swanage Jazz Festival, leaving audiences enthralled with their musical prowess.


The band

Sam Carelse – vocals

Jason Henson – guitar

Elis Davies – guitar

George Berrills – double bass

Amuse Mamouche can be extended to include clarinet, violin and/or saxophone.