The High Standards Trio

The High Standards Trio first began playing together in 1998. They play swing, Bossa Nova and classic songs from the American song book. Tenor sax, guitar and double bass.
About Us

This highly versatile and immensely popular trio has an extensive collection of wedding performances under their belt. With over 10 years of experience playing together, they have toured France, Spain, Sweden, and other countries on luxurious cruise ships. Closer to home in the UK, they have delighted audiences at public and private functions, jazz clubs, corporate events, and countless other engagements.

The band boasts an impressive repertoire, capable of setting the perfect ambiance for a classy dinner and engaging conversations. When required, they effortlessly take centre stage after dinner, captivating the audience. Their top-of-the-line equipment ensures exceptional sound quality, and their impeccable dress sense adds an extra touch of elegance to every performance.

A list of esteemed clients includes names like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Credite Suisse, The Labour Party, The Conservative Party, Exxon Mobil, Swan Hellenic, The Family Law Bar Association, and Royal Festival Hall Foyer. As word spreads about their outstanding performances, satisfied clients and repeat bookings continue to grow.